UNDAUNTED: Witnesses of the Book of Mormon is a companion docudrama to the theatrical feature film WITNESSES Produced by the Interpreter Foundation, UNDAUNTED provides a deep-dive into the lives of those who claimed to have seen and handled the gold plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated.
Were the eleven official witnesses—twelve if you include Joseph Smith himself—of the Book of Mormon reliable? What about the unofficial witnesses who interacted with the plates in various ways—including a number of women? Were the plates actually made of gold? How could witnesses really hear the voice of God and yet come to doubt His prophet?
In a unique blend of dramatic reenactments and interviews with scholars, legal experts, and historians, this two-episode docudrama will help families become more familiar with these early saints, none of whom ever denied their claims, but instead boldly proclaimed their testimonies.
In addition to Undaunted, and providing even greater depth into the many insightful interviews during the course of this project, a series of mini-films will be released each Saturday at 7pm MDT on this and other websites, including YouTube. We hope you enjoy them!

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Bonus Insights

Episode 1

Oliver Cowdery, Witness

From Book of Mormon scribe, to angelic visitations and the Gold Plates, to leaving the Church—and eventually returning. Who was this teacher, lawyer and early Church founder?

Episode 2

Martin Harris, Witness

Martin Harris was one of the earliest supporters of Joseph Smith and the Church. And yet, even after becoming one of the Three Witnesses of the Book of Mormon, he left the Church—though he returned many years later. Who was this wealthy farmer from Upstate New York?

Episode 3

David Whitmer, Witness

David Whitmer was one of the Three Witnesses, from a whole family of witnesses of the Gold Plates. Yet after falling out with Joseph Smith, David left the Church and never returned. But he also never denied his testimony of the Book of Mormon—and, in fact, emphatically repeated that witness countless times through the remainder of his life.

Episode 4

Joseph Smith: Man, Prophet—or Both?

As an uneducated farm boy claiming to see God the Father, Jesus Christ, and various angels, Joseph Smith also claimed to translate an ancient record and receive modern revelation. Experiencing sorrow and failure as well as joy and success in his abbreviated life, he was eventually killed by a mob for his beliefs. Can someone be both very human and also a mouthpiece for God?

Episode 5

Blessings of Kirtland

Some of the Church’s darkest hours happened in Kirtland, with financial failures and large-scale apostasy. But this was also one of the greatest periods in early Church history for outpourings of revelation and miracles.

Episode 6

Sidney Rigdon and the Witnesses

Sidney Rigdon was a fiery orator, a defender of the faith, and Joseph’s Smith’s right hand for many years, who also experienced shared revelations with the prophet. And yet, after the death of Joseph, he left the Church, founding one of his own. Who was this former minister from Ohio?